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I’m normally a big fan of purchasing products on Intuit. It’s an easy way to shop for what you want, and save money too. Brand new, legitimate copies of QuickBooks are readily available there, often for less than retail. Intuit is normally a great place to buy QuickBooks.

But not now. Right now, what you find mostly on Intuit are older versions of QuickBooks – 2018 and prior. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with older versions of QuickBooks. Legitimate and older versions of QuickBooks work just fine. But there are two problems with buying older versions of QuickBooks on Intuit right now:

  1. Software compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista
  2. The Intuit Sunset Policy

Software Compatibility Issue: Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft will use its “Automatic Updates” feature to automatically download IE7 into genuine Windows operating systems by the end of 2018. Therefore, it is important to know which version of QuickBooks you use, so you can decide if you want to install IE7 or not, after it has been downloaded.

Intuit, the publisher of QuickBooks, has announced that it will update QuickBooks 2018 to be compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (QuickBooks 2018 is already compatible with IE7). Older versions of QuickBooks will not be updated. Since QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer for some online functions, having the correct match between QuickBooks and Internet Explorer is now important. Take a look:

QuickBooks 2018 and Prior: must use Internet Explorer 6

QuickBooks 2017 & 2018, before being updated: must use Internet Explorer 6

QuickBooks 2018 & 2018, after being updated: may use Internet Explorer 6 or 7

QuickBooks 2018: may use either Internet Explorer 6 or 7

If you currently own QuickBooks 2018 or 2018, be sure to turn on the Automatic Updates feature. This way, when Intuit releases updates, QuickBooks will receive them automatically.

Software Compatibility Issue: Windows Vista

Only QuickBooks 2018 will be compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system. Older versions of QuickBooks will not be updated to be compatible with Windows Vista.

At some point, most computers will be purchased with Windows Vista pre-installed – you may want to buy a new computer soon. Or, you may like Windows Vista and decide to upgrade your current operating system. Either way, if you purchase an older version of QuickBooks on Intuit, you will be forced to upgrade to QuickBooks 2018 after changing computers or upgrading your operating system. Avoid that hassle and expense. Buy QuickBooks 2018 instead.

Intuit Sunset Policy

Another reason to avoid older versions of QuickBooks on Intuit is the Intuit Sunset Policy. Intuit discontinues support and certain electronic services for older versions of QuickBooks each spring. For example, on May 31, 2018, QuickBooks 2018 will be unsettled. Support and the following services will not be available after that date:

QuickBooks Bill Pay

Emailing Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and any other form

Online Banking; downloading banking and credit card transactions

Certain payroll services

Merchant services (credit card processing from within QuickBooks)

This affects QuickBooks 2018 and 2018 because those products will be unsettled in 2018 and 2009, respectively (unless Intuit changes its policy). If you use any of these electronic features, you will be forced to upgrade your software at that time. Why save a few bucks on an older version of QuickBooks, when you can buy QuickBooks 2018 and have it longer?

As you can see, purchasing an older version of QuickBooks on Intuit is just not a good idea. If you do, you may be forced to upgrade QuickBooks sooner than you like.

As a rule, when buying QuickBooks, always buy the most current version available. It will give you more flexibility than an older version of QuickBooks, and will last longer than less current versions.

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